Scooter Accidents Compilation 2015 (2)

The latest complete scooter video compilation 2015 around the world. New videos of scooters on the road uploaded every week with original sound only.

Be Vigilant at Intersections. The vast majority of scooter/car collisions happen at an intersection. Being vigilant at intersections and increasing your visibility to cars minimizes your chances of becoming a part of this statistic.

Make Yourself More Visible. There are many ways to increase your visibility to other vehicles and decrease your likelihood of a collision.

Novice riders can reduce their risk and be more safe by riding within their ability. This means traveling at a speed that gives you total control of your scooter.

Use extra caution at night and in the rain. If you’re new to riding at night, take short trips with minimal traffic until you’re comfortable and confident. Same for riding in the rain. Your scooter handles differently in rain – braking, cornering and even accelerating. Rain can also inhibit your ability to see clearly.

The faster you are traveling, the less time you have to react. Other people on the road also have less time to react to you. Speed also affects your cornering. The faster you are going, the longer it takes to stop. Braking at high speed also increases your chances of a wipeout.

Don’t Drink and Ride. This goes without saying, but apparently it has to be said since a scary percentage of two-wheeled accidents involve an inebriated rider.

Una compilation di scooter ripresi in strada in tutto il mondo.

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